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A very special blend:

PU and PUR

Tailoring custom-built, cost-efficient and safe load carriers for its customers has always been Paul Mueller’s special domain. Besides classic models made of steel, we also offer our customers safe, ultra-modern steel-plastic composites. The materials we process at our Nordhausen facility are PU and PUR. Products made from these materials can be manufactured in many different colours and degrees of hardness.

With the large bandwidth of PU Shore hardness degrees ranging from relatively soft (35° Shore A) to extremely hard (60° Shore D), we can offer and implement optimal solutions in virtually all fields of application for profiles and moulded parts. Our portfolio also covers automatic applications with high standards of precision and special, customised solutions. Depending on specifications, the diversity of moulded parts ranges from individual PU parts and compact components up to bonded steel or plastic parts.

To prevent damage to the form locations from cuts, stainless steel inserts can be placed inside the moulded parts. With us, combining EPP load carriers with moulded PU parts has become common practice. In this way, we produce easy-to-handle, light-weight packaging with wear-resistant components.

  • PU-steel combination
    PU-steel combination
  • Steel rack with with PU inserts
    Steel rack with with PU inserts
  • Moulded parts made of PUR foam
    Moulded parts made of PUR foam
  • PU dunnages
    PU dunnages
  • PU profiles
    PU profiles